How I Learned to Earn $200-$300 a Day for Easy Work… Without Sales, Commission or Tips.

After years of working low-paying temp jobs, unfulfilling sales jobs and jobs I just plain hated, this is how I started making $200-$300 a day, without working hard at all…

From: Erick Broderick

Hello job-seekers, my name is Erick Broderick. If you’re anything like I was, you’ve probably looked all around for the best ways you can make money. Like anyone, you want a job that pays extremely well, is enjoyable and does not cause you stress. Some of you may have had the unfortunate experience of working at a job you hate. Maybe you feel overwhelmed by all the choices of jobs out there… you just don’t know what your best option is.

If this matches your experience, continue reading. This may change the way you think about working entirely.

What I want to offer you is a path to making money that very few people know about. Through my own personal trial-and-error, I have created a proven system that anyone can use to get the best part time job (or jobs) available. The people who do know about this system typically make over $1000 in a week for low-effort, easy and fun work. And they choose their working schedule – all the time. In other words, they can work as much or as little as they want, whenever they want. People just like you are earning ridiculously high wages for work that is so easy, you’ll laugh your head off.

Quite frankly, I want to spread the wealth. The internet is flooded with get-rich-quick schemes that promise you all sorts of money (but in reality don’t deliver). I offer something totally different than everyone else on the internetI show you how to get high-paying, easy jobs that pay you by-the-hour. Not sales jobs. Not commission jobs. Not jobs that pay you tips. Not jobs that might pay really well if all the stars and planets are aligned for you.

I’m talking about jobs that pay you for every hour that you’re working. My system is the ONLY system that guarantees the amount of money you’ll make before you do any work. So you’ll be able to see what this information is worth right away, instead of hoping the payoff will someday come… as with other so-called money-making systems on the internet.

Small Jobs For Big Money will show you the way to make as much money as you want, as quickly as you want… or your money back! I personally guarantee that if you cannot make this kind of money using my system, I will refund your complete purchase price.

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“Erick, thank you for writing this amazing book. I’ve been doing what you said [about finding easy jobs] and I brought in almost $1300 during the week of my school’s spring break. I can’t believe I didn’t know these jobs existed before!!!!!!” – Danielle P., Tallahassee, FL

“Erick, you are THE MAN!!!!!!!!! Every college student should own this book. I just got home from my first job and they paid me $25 an hour for doing almost nothing!!! It was like getting free money! You are AWESOME.” – Blaise C., Las Vegas, NV

Also, the great thing about “Small Jobs For Big Money” is you can avoid all the stresses of working common jobs:

  • NEVER have to work for less money than your worth.
  • NEVER have to work hours that you don’t want to.
  • NEVER have to make a sale, earn a commission or try for a tip.
  • NEVER have to commit to working for a boss you hate.
  • NEVER have to kiss-butt or brown-nose to impress the higher-ups.
  • NEVER work some crummy temp-job that pays you dirt.
  • NEVER have to set foot in an office (unless you want to…)
  • And best of all, you’ll make more money than those who do!

So how does this work? It’s super easy and takes only 10 minutes to complete your job hunt.

It’s as easy as 1-2-3.

  • (1) Using my system, use the special resources I show you to get the highest paying, easiest, best jobs available.
  • (2) Apply for multiple jobs and pack your schedule with gigs.
  • (3) Enjoy working fun jobs that pay, on average, between $15-$30 an hour for extremely easy work.

Small Jobs For Big Money is essentially a collection of lessons I learned the hard way, organized into a simple, repeatable and powerful system. I graduated from college in 2004, and had no idea what I wanted to do with my degree or my life. After working some dead-end jobs that led to a very meager income, I found ways to make and manage real money effectively, without having to take a commission-based job.

I show you a way to earn extremely high wages for easy work. You can use what you learn as an additional source of income, a back-up plan for work or as your primary source of income. It’s a way to always have a good cash flow coming in and have time to figure your life out. I’ll also show you some great ways to save a ton of money and manage the money you do have as effectively as possible.

Small Jobs For Big Money is my latest e-book and the first work available here on With my book and the site, you can finally have a go-to resource for learning how to make guaranteed money and manage it well. Whether you’re a recent college grad, still in school, between jobs, or just trying to figure your life out, this book will teach you everything you need to know to never worry about having enough money again. Think of it as the “Cliff Notes” for everything about easy, high-paying part time jobs, saving money and bargain shopping.

“Hey Erick. This book is genius! I like how you broke down everything into a simple process that I can follow for everything. I think you could have called the book “The Ultimate Slacker’s Handbook”. – Kevin A., Anaheim, CA

“… I like that your book offers an easy way to make money that doesn’t involve sales or referrals or any of that pyramid scam non-sense. I’ve bought several books on making money before–this is the only one that leaves nothing to chance.” – Karen H., Portland, OR

“To be honest, I thought this book was going to just be a long list of easy jobs – I was really pleasantly surprised. I think your savings and money management ideas are really valuable and your method for getting several part-time jobs is a fantastic strategy.” – Tom B., Austin, TX

In Small Jobs For Big Money, I show you how to have:

  • High Pay: Find Easy Part-Time Work for $15-$30 an Hour
  • Total Flexibility: Work as Little or as Much as You Want
  • Total Choice: Choose the Days, Hours and Shifts You Want to Work, All the Time
  • Resume Building: A Fast Track to Management Positions on Your Resume
  • Scam Protection: Detect and Avoid Scams and Dead-End Jobs
  • Free Time: Enjoy Having Time To Relax and Live Life

Bonus Chapters:

  • Bargain Shopping 101: Spend Less Money on Things You Need
  • Luxury Purchases: Save Money on All the Things You Want
  • Smart Spending: Use Credit Cards to Save Money and Build Credit
  • Never Worry About Having Enough Money Coming In Again

Remember, this book is an investment – in addition to making a ton of easy money, my bet is that you’ll be able to save an average of $5 a day following the advice listed in this book. 365 days in a year x $5 savings per day = $1825 per year!

Just imagine the possibilities. Imagine reading this book and learning secrets about how to earn the money you want easily. I don’t know what it is you really want the money for: maybe it’s so that you can buy the things you really want without having to worry about money or feel guilty. Or the feeling of freedom you get from knowing you have money in the bank. Hey, maybe you just want to make everyone around you jealous. Whatever it is, I can guarantee this book will move those pictures of want you want into reality. Download it now and take the first steps to getting what you really want.

“My father always told me there’s no such thing as easy money… I think this book proves him wrong!” – Cynthia H., Raleigh, N.C.


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P.S. In my book, I show you how to get high-paying, easy jobs that pay you by-the-hour. Not sales jobs. Not commission jobs. Not jobs that pay you tips. That means you won’t have to put in an ounce of work without being paid for it. Since you’ll always know the amount of money you’ll be paid, you’ll be able to see how valuable this information is immediately. Once you buy my book, you can download it right now!

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